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Types of Properties



The rental market in southern Utah is diverse. While regulations have been put into place and highly enforced in certain cities, zoning has been established to allow nightly rentals in a select number of communities.

Working with a professional is key to finding the right home in the best community. From a Condo in St. George, to a vacation home in Hurrican we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Why Southern Utah?

And what is life elevated?

Utah is home to 5 National Parks. Zion which is located some 40 miles from St. George, Utah had nearly 4.5 million visitors in 2019. 

Types of Properties

The Condo

These have shared walls and are typically single level units. Ranging in size from 1 bedroom to as many as 5. Along with a HOA a Condo typically includes such amenities as a pool, fitness room, and other amenities.

Image by Derrick Brooks

The Townhome

The townhome may have one or more shared walls but typically include a much larger home than a condo. Townhomes typically have an HOA with comminity pool and amenities. With a townhom you may be able to provide such amenities as a private pool, fire pit, and hot tub.

Vacation Homes

These homes may or may not have an HOA and with that may not have a community pool. A private yard and privacy are benefits of the single-family home. Finding a home zoned for STR outside of a community allowing STR is hard to come by.

Image by Naomi Ellsworth

Analyzing the Numbers

Click on the properties below to view a pro forma

Condo #1

St. George

1,476 Sq/Ft

3 Bed

2.5 Bath

View Pro Forma >

Townhome #1

Santa Clara

2,789 Sq/Ft

4 Bed

4.5 Bath

View Pro Forma >

Townhome #2


3,247 Sq/Ft

45 Bed

4.5 Bath

View Pro Forma >



1,973 Sq/Ft

4 Bed

3 Bath

View Pro Forma >
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