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Looking For More Passive Income?

"New SERVICE Helps Virtually Anyone To Become A Completely Passive Real Estate Investor In Vacation Rentals"

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From: Jason Koford
St. George, Utah
Has this ever happened to you...
You learn about a stock or investment that really sounds like it has merit. You have seen the results it is bringing people that already taken that leap. And still you don't invest.
     I would have made a solid return if I only...
Am I right?
Then we go back to life as normal till another great opportunity comes our way.
But what if you don't take action on the next opportunity either?
Your life goes on with a series of missed opportunities always wondering what if.
Well here is opportunity knocking again.
And this time it showed up with a team of people to help you achieve that goal. Like an intervention and motivational coach hitting you like a freight train.
But then the thought comes into your mind. Am I too late? Has the market changed too much to be profitable? What if no one travels anymore.
My name is Jason Koford and I started helping people buy investment real estate back in 2013. A few years ago I made the shift on my own properties converting them into short-term rentals and never looked back. If you are interested in adding short-term rentals to your portfolio or even converting your existing rentals I have a road map and system for you.
Jason Casual.jpg
I created a system to help the average person locate, purchase, furnish, and manage a short term rental. All without leaving the conform of your home. 
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